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walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer, refrigeration, commercial HVAC/R

Walk in Cooler/Freezer

​We supply and install many makes of refrigeration equipment leading brands. Because we are not tied into any one supplier, we are able to offer the best advice on the most suitable solution for our customers to ensure they get exactly what they need. Historically this has ensured our customers save money and are delighted with the finished installation.

blast freezer, blast chiller, refrigeration appliance, commercial HVAC/R

Blast Freezer

​Blast chillers and freezers are refrigeration appliances that chill food products from above 70 degrees to below 3 within 90 minutes. 90 minutes is the accepted industry time length for food to be chilled efficiently.

reach-in cooler, reach-in freezer, refrigeration system, commercial HVAC/R

Reach in Cooler/Freezer

​In order to preserve the quality and efficiency of your refrigeration system, it’s important that you have it regularly serviced with scheduled maintenance. At ETS, we offer preventative maintenance packages for all types of commercial refrigeration systems.

scoop in ice machine, ice, ice machine

Ice Machines

​We know that this is a major problem that could send your kitchen into meltdown. With our support, we’ll make the situation as cool as…well, ice.


The real question is what won't we do.  We are equipped to solve all of your commercial HVAC and refrigeration needs.  We have the veteran experience to do the jobs others can't.  

Preventative maintenance

Maintain efficiency & save on energy costs. Avoid an expensive repair or unexpected replacement by getting year-round protection with a preventative maintenance care plan for your heating & cooling system.


ETS brings years of experience to installing and maintaining refrigeration systems for vital business operations. We provide the resources and expertise needed to ensure that your refrigeration related cooling needs are met for all your crucial equipment. ETS is capable of handling all of your refrigeration systems maintenance, repair, retrofit, and installation needs across Columbus.


Improper refrigeration installation can be hazardous, resulting in severe injury and significant damage. It is imperative that it be performed by a highly-trained and certified professional. All ETS technicians are certified and qualified and also have in-depth knowledge with the ability to conduct an expert analysis of the home or building layout, engineer the system to exact specifications, adjust the pressure, and ensure that water lines are of the appropriate size. 


There are several types of refrigeration systems, including air-cooled, water-cooled, and evaporative cooling systems. Each type of system has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the specific needs of the application.

At least once every year. Regular maintenance is important to keep refrigeration systems running efficiently and prevent breakdowns. Most manufacturers recommend annual maintenance for refrigeration systems to avoid common refrigeration problems, including but not limited to, compressor failure, refrigerant leaks, electrical issues, and evaporator coil problems.

The lifespan of a refrigeration system can vary depending on factors such as usage and maintenance, but most systems have a lifespan of around 10-15 years.

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